Nightmare Fuel 2017 Day 16 – The Autopsy of Jane Doe

My homeboy Danielle recommended that I take a gander at The Autopsy of Jane Doe, saying it was a high-tier horror experience.  Now, not gonna lie, I kinda took this recommendation with a grain of salt, ’cause I remember watching her jump in the theater during Lights Out.  Just sayin’.  Still truth-telling:  She was dead right.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe Poster

The story here follows a father-and-son team of coroners as they’re tasked with determining the cause of death of a mysterious woman found at the scene of a bloody, enigmatic crime.  As they delve increasingly further into their autopsy, things go from strange to really damn strange.  …And that’s all I’m gonna say about that…

So, yeah, this was some really good horror, kids.  Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch are both strong here, with the ample talent of director André Øvredal (you may remember him from the surprisingly outstanding Trollhunter) bolstering them all the way.  Also of note is Olwen Kelly, who, like Mathilda May back in Lifeforce, spends the entire film stark naked (and pretty much motionless on a table) and still commands many of the scenes she’s in.  Cinematographer Roman Osin (whom you may remember from his eye-catching photography in Pride and Prejudice) brings the heat as well, making every shot gorgeous and, when needed, gravely creepy.

This was a great film, honestly, and I’m glad to see it’s getting some traction out there beyond horror communities.  Hopefully it gets even more and earns its rightful place as a perennial Hallowe’en favorite, alongside a place on my shelf.  Well done, homeboy, well done.

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